Haus Band Music Festival (HBMF) is an all-VIP music festival experience like no other. Designed by musicians for music fans everywhere, HBMF is a customizable all-inclusive festival that combines a world-class lineup with Symphonic Augmentation™️, uncommonly luxurious amenities, and an immersive venue. HBMF is taking away all of the stress so you can experience the best of everything music has to offer!


Haus Band Music Festival is a brand dedicated to highlighting Black classical musicians, platforming Black Talent, and connecting them with Black audiences in an environment committed to their cohesion and comfort. Haus Band Music Festival unites the BIPOC community, bringing an innovative form of symphonic appreciation and combined with an array of eclectic sounds promoting a Pan-African dialogue platform through spectacularly curated experiences of cultural and artistic expression.

Let Us Eat Cake

In Perfect Harmony, Our Cooperative Employment Structure Grants Voting Rights on Employee Revenue Surplus. We Reinvest in Your Experience, Ensuring Affordability and Inclusivity Over Shareholder Gains. Embracing Our Community, We Offer Free Options, Leveling the Playing Field and Inspiring Others to Do the Same. We Aim to Showcase the Allure of Socially Beneficial Business, Proving that Abundance and Luxury Can Be Shared for The Greater Good. Join Us in Creating a Symphony of Prosperity and Compassion. Let Us Eat Cake!


​Symphonic Augmentation™️ adds a unique twist to modern music, by adding an orchestra to the mix! The incredible performances by musicians from the HBMF Orchestras combine the power of popular music with a cinematic flare.The HBMF Symphony Orchestra are made up of highly skilled musicians who are experts in their craft, bringing a level of musicality and depth to modern music that is unmatched. Added orchestrations compliment the rich compositions of Black artists.


Ethnic Localization is an exciting concept that brings characters and stories to life in a whole new way. Imagine your favorite characters from books or movies transformed to reflect and include people from the BIPOC community. Ethnic localization ensures our representation.When we license your favorite franchises, characters get a fresh look, new storylines, and all the actors who bring them to life are BIPOC. It's a powerful way to make sure that everyone sees themselves in the characters they love. Ethnic localization goes beyond just aesthetic and story adaptations. We create a whole range of exciting merchandise, dazzling costumes, and even captivating attractions where fans can immerse themselves in the character's world. It's a multiversal transformation that celebrates diversity and ensures that Black actors, artists, and designer shine in the spotlight. Step into vibrant themed attractions where every corner radiates with the spirit of inclusivity!

Taste and See an All-Inclusive VIP Musical Event at The Drive-In Festival.

Indulge in An Immersive Musical Vacation at The Drive-In Festival with Your Favorite Performers, Featuring Symphonic Augmentation™. Not only Will You Enjoy Amazing Musical Performances, but Themed Rides, Dinner Theater, Art Installations & Interactive Exhibits, Shopping and Other Exciting Attractions. Relax in A Worry-Free Environment and Enjoy the Convenience of A Designated Box Seat Complete with A Lockbox and Table for Complimentary Snacks, Drinks, and All the Comforts of A Resort. Don't Miss This Unique Opportunity to Treat Yourself to An Unforgettable Experience!


In the realm of entertainment, our exceptional destinations beckon with promises of unparalleled adventure and music-filled ecstasy. Haus Band Music Festival Park presents an exhilarating landscape of themed attractions and cutting-edge rides. Roller coasters, dark rides, flying theaters, and adventure parks offer heart-pounding thrills, each uniquely themed for a captivating experience.
The innovative approach of duplicating attractions ensures increased ride capacity, minimizing wait times and maximizing enjoyment. From water attractions to dance floors and dining theaters, HBMF offers a diverse range of activities for visitors to immerse themselves in a world of fantasy and excitement.

Haus Band Music Festival also invites music enthusiasts to revel in a euphoric journey through melodies and beats. Main stage concerts, acoustic gardens, and interactive soundscapes offer a diverse musical experience, with each zone meticulously themed for a mesmerizing ambiance. The festival emphasizes not just electrifying performances but also an immersive encounter, utilizing duplication for increased festival capacity and reduced wait times. From aqua rhythms to musical fitness zones, the festival grounds are a haven for music lovers seeking a unique and engaging experience.Our destinations strive to redefine the conventional entertainment experience, immersing visitors in meticulously designed thematic worlds, promising memories that will last a lifetime. Whether the call is for adventure-packed thrills or a symphony of music, Haus Band Music Festival delivers a spectacular blend of excitement and immersion.


Leather Seating With Heating, Cooling, & Rumble Capabilities.

Personal Lock Box & Table.

Courier Delivery Of Food, Drinks, & Merch Right To Your Seat.

“Walkie Talkie” Communication Between Boxes Through The App.

Reservations For Attractions Through The HBMF App.
Real Restrooms (Absolutely No Standard Port-o-potties!).


ALL-INCLUSIVE - We do our best to anticipate everything you’ll need to have an amazing vacation by providing including basic meals, attractions, and cocktails. Breakfast is always complimentary.


VIP ACCESS - All of our attendees are very important people so we only sell one tier of ticket: VIP.

Instead of packing the schedule with artists you've never heard of, we choose a select group of 21 quality artists from whom we commission Three Musical Pictures*.

Introducing the
RV Suites

A Unique Stay in Vintage Cable Car Hotel Rooms. 
Experience the Charm of Our Vintage Furnished Tiny Hotels that Resemble Antique Cable Cars, Complete with Luxurious Amenities, Room Service, and Concierge Services. Our Resort Is Conveniently Located Near the Festival Park, Offering a Wide Range of Resort Amenities, Including Dining Options, Shops, and Outdoor Movie Screenings. We Feature a Variety of Films, so You Can Choose from The Latest Blockbusters or Classic Movies. Unplug with Outdoor Activities Like Hiking and Fishing to Indoor Games and Activities. the Resort Is Staffed with Friendly and Knowledgeable Personnel Who Are Available 24/7 to Assist You with Any Needs or Concerns You May Have. Whether You Need Help with Transportation, Booking Tickets to Local Attractions, or Simply Want Some Recommendations for The Best Places to Visit, Our Team Is Always Available to Assist You.

Ticket Includes

Assigned Box Seating With Lockbox And Table

Open Bar

Limited Edition Drive-in Festival Sweatshirt

All-inclusive Snacks & Treats
Access To All Attractions

Tipping Included*


Package Upgrades

Dining Package - Includes All Meals For The Day.

Top Shelf Package - Upgrade Your Open Bar Experience With Bottomless Top Shelf Drinks.

Orchestra Seating Package - Select Exactly Which Seat You Want For The Event.

Attraction Reservation Package - Get Early Access To Reserve Your Time Slots For All Attractions From The App.


*Musical Pictures are pre-recorded performances by talented artists, accompanied by the HBMF symphony orchestra and creatively controlled by the artists themselves. With live effects, chair rumbles, lighting, and pyrotechnics, each performance is uniquely themed to the event. Not only do you get to hear your favorite artists, but you also get to experience their music in three different ways. Each artist prepares three Musical Pictures, so you have access to a 24-hour schedule of themed rebroadcasts, dining, and attractions. With our event, you can enjoy a stress-free vacation without missing a single moment.


Step into the past with Era Ensembles' Time Capsules! Vacation in style with our curated costume/outfit rentals from the 1890s, 1920s, 1950s, and 1980s. Comfort meets elegance with size-inclusive options and carefully selected fabrics. Coordinate outfits for a unique group experience. Stand out, be sustainable. Return outfits for laundering. Men's, women's, and unisex styles available. Be the first to enjoy this resort service of its kind. Pack light, travel back in time, and make lasting memories with Era Ensembles' Time Capsules. Book now!Step into a Time Capsule of Style with Era Ensembles! Vacation in vintage fashion with our Costume/Outfit rentals – delivered to you upon check-in. Choose from the 1890s, 1920s, 1950s, or 1980s, in men’s, women’s, and unisex styles. Enjoy optimal comfort with size-inclusive outfits, perfect for resort activities. Coordinate looks with your partner or crew for an immersive experience. Stand out in unique styles, promoting sustainability in vacation wear. At the end of your stay, return items for laundering and dry cleaning. Pack light and make memories to last a lifetime. Be part of the first resort service of its kind with Era Ensembles!

Vacation Vault Program Members have member-only festival pricing, first access to booking, voting rights for themes, amenities, and attractions, and subscription boxes with Product, Attraction, and Dining “Prototypes.”

When you join the Vacation Vault Program, you make monthly payments toward your HBMF vacation in 2026, starting at $30/month. 

Vacation Vault Inclusions:

- Voting Rights on Featured Artists, Brands, Attractions, and Products
- Test and Review Our Festival Treats, Merch, and At-Home Experience First
- Surprise Drops
- Reserve Your Dates Before Tickets Are on Sale to The Public
- Complete Surveys for Additional Credits
- Access to Behind the Scenes Content and Exclusive Experiences
- Discount and Free Local Experiences (when Available)

You not only secure your spot for the HBMF vacation in 2026, but also enjoy a range of benefits that come with being part of the Vacation Vault Program. The monthly payments are flexible and can be adjusted to fit your budget. Joining the Vacation Vault Program is a smart choice for anyone who wants to experience the HBMF vacation without having to worry about the cost all at once. The earlier you join the program, the lower your monthly payments will be. With payments starting at just $30 a month, securing your dream vacation has never been easier. By locking in your spot early, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vacation plans are set and you can start looking forward to all the fun and relaxation that awaits you at HBMF in 2026.So why wait? Sign up today and start making your dream vacation a reality!


Mosh Pitt Drinking Game® Was Created For HBMF As A Way To Bring A Festival Of Games And A Symphony Of Spirits Directly To YOU, Made For Us, By Us.  This Game Is A Festival Of Mini Drinking Games You Know And Some You Don’t. Explore the Collection Now!


"We're so glad you stopped by! We've been working so hard on crafting at-home experiences and live events, and we hope you'll be able to join us and indulge in yourself!"


Meet Jaymes Kirksey, a prodigious triple threat as a symphonic conductor, classical violinist, and classical pianist. He has won countless competitions including the Margaret Gutham Piano Competition in Atlanta, the Baylor University Music Competition, and Juanita Hubbard Invitational Piano Competition. He has performed with groups such as the National Festival Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, Oklahoma City Philharmonic, Hayes Symphony Orchestra and Golden Gate Symphony. He is one of the youngest conductors to already have an orchestra of his own and is continuing to makes waves with the HBMF Orchestra.


Meet Melissa Angulo, an operatic vocalist, classically trained flutist, and entrepreneur. She's the founder and CEO of Haus Band Music Festival, a high-end experiential company that crafts immersive luxury experiences. Angulo is passionate about all kinds of music and loves to create memorable experiences for her audience. She has extensive experience in arts event management and operations, with a focus on classical music. Angulo is bringing classical musicians to trendy music venues in major cities, providing unique and special performance opportunities to new artists.